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Refrigerators are like opinions...everybody has one, so the refrigerator is my suggestion. Don’t feel bad if you have a Subzero brand (not magnetic) I’ve had numerous reports of good results with Krazy Glue.

I suggest wiping it down with a damp cloth every 6-8 days (front only). At some point the ink will disappear... call me and I will send you another. They don’t cost as much as you would think. They like temperatures between 55° and 80° F.

That depends on how many friends you have. I will supply four magnets per customer per 6 week period...answer...yes.

I recommend glass cleaner. Spray rag and wipe the keys.

I recommend twice a year. Problem pianos and heavily played pianos should be tuned more frequently.

Every week I have a customer who says “just got a great piano off Craig’s List/Ebay…" At least, use these places for research.

Explore used piano stores to familiarize yourself with brand names and prices. Once you find a piano you should always have a technician check it out.

Generally not. The first tuning will put the octaves back in line and improve it greatly, but this tuning will settle and need one or two more tunings to stabilize the pitch. (In seven years the piano has missed approximately fourteen tunings.)

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