A Day in the Life...

Current Weekday Piano Tuning Prices:

$120 in Manhattan up to 125th Street
$130 paying by check

$10 additional on weekends (8 am - 12 pm)

Above 125th Street: an additional travel charge of $20-40.

Manhattan only. Sorry.

When a piano has not been tuned regularly, it may require two tunings. I offer a DOUBLE TUNING which means two tunings on the same visit to get it up to standard pitch—basically, a pitch raise and a tuning. I do this in recording studios, where the piano is flat and needs to be perfect. For an extra $40, I’m running over your piano one more time.

These rates are based on frequency. Please contact me to discuss prices. Group Rates: Discounts for more than one tuning at the same location.

Certificate good for “One Hour with the Happy Piano Tuner” Birthdays, Hanukkah, Christmas, Julliard Acceptance, etc. Call for more info.

Wish you had a new piano? Maintenance procedures can create a vast improvement to your piano, using existing parts.

  • Shape hammers
  • voice hammers
  • restore keys to original depth
  • regulate lost motion and key play
  • tighten all flanges
  • adjust pedals/new felt
  • clean keys
  • lubricate flanges
  • re-glue loose hammer heads
  • regulate lost motion and key play
  • align hammers to strings

Installation of Dampp-Chaser Climate System (to counteract changes in temperature and humidity)—varies according to size of the piano. Please call for estimate.


Recommendations for movers and piano teachers.

TELL ME before I come about necessary repairs, like broken strings or pedal problems, so that I can allow extra time and come prepared.

Has it been a long since your last tuning?

If you would like a double tuning, please let me know ahead of time.

And please clear the top of the piano!

All emergencies require three days notice.

iTunes and iFixes
How to reach me: FAST by email/MED: Text 917-582-6170 (cell) 
SLOW: Call 212-489-6171 (landline)