Nurse Britt

I’M SO SAD to see the city I love and the world in such a daughter Britt is on the front lines....This is the only photo I could find with her accepting an award. She is now a little older and a little prettier.. My wife April is working from only accomplishment in the past 2 months is: I invented S.D. (That’s an abbreviation for "Social Distancing." It saves 3 syllables.)....everyone is welcome to use it.....but now I think it's time to get out and do what I do best.....

I have started venturing out...each time is new and different...satisfying my customers’ and my safety me when you're ready, or if you have questions....

Be safe, Scot
S.D. NOW!!

How to reach me: FAST by email/MED: Text 917-582-6170 (cell) 
SLOW: Call 212-489-6171 (landline)